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Your Place to Stay in Toronto!


House Rules for the Main and 2nd Floor Rooms:


For your knowledge we have a cat in residence, if you are allergic or do not like cats I would not recommend staying here. Feline allergic folks: I do keep the place clean, but cannot guarantee that the environment will not cause a reaction as a cat lives in residence. Due to multiple living I do not accept pets. There are no overnight guests permitted.


The Front door is locked at all times particularly to keep the cat in. The Vestibule door must click closed so it does not fly open when you open or close the front entrance, also to protect the cat from going out. The humidity & or the cold also stays at bay, or outside. This secures the cat remains inside and others stay out. Please take your key with you when enjoying the garden as you will need to lock the door on exit & re-entry.


Some peculiarities: All doors in the Upper Women’s Guest room are do not have including the bathroom. For the Bathroom you need to knock, look to see if the light is on via the transom window above the door and listen. If the light is on someone is in there but if you don’t hear any noise feel free to knock just to make sure someone did not forget to turn the light out when they left.


This is a Non Smoking house and property, And a perfume free environment.


Since there are sensitivities to scents, the no perfumes are permitted on your person, this is greatly appreciated.

Being considerate of noise levels are our main rules: particularly Quiet between 11 pm and 8 am

Shoes are removed at the door & can be stored on the shoe tray in your room or (up to 2 pairs) on the tray at the front door.


Please Note:

     The Basics are being considerate of noise levels are our main rules: particularly quiet between 11 pm and 8 am.

     This accommodation is based on single occupancy. You are responsible and liable for your day guests while on/in this property. No overnight guests are permitted.

     A damage deposit is required $300, in cash CDN it is due upon your arrival. The $300 is refundable less any damage costs.

     Look after the place, keep it clean, instructions and equipment are provided & shown to you upon your arrival. Please ask if you are not familiar with how something works!

     All soiled utensils, cups and dishes are to be put in the dishwasher, not left in the rooms we do not want to make the house attractive to bugs.

     Cups, glasses, should be placed on the coasters provided to prevent marking of the furniture, this is considered damage.

     Wet clothes & towels can be hung on the hook in the bathroom or placed on the hanger in your room, ie: not draped on the wood furniture, fabric or leather furniture to prevent marking.

     In order to prevent fridge deterioration and attracting pests please store food unwrapped foods in containers. There are containers with lids provided in the drawers.

     Feel free to keep your food in your fridge in a sealed container. As we are vegetarian, it is preferred not to have chicken or meat prepared in our home. However if you'll be buying prepared foods, delivery or take-out, don't worry about eating anything you like here! Just make sure to put your veggies, meats and chicken waste in the green bin on the north side of the house & make sure to tightly clip the lid closed so as not to attract the Raccoons.

     Recycled containers must be rinsed before being placed in the recycle bag or bin to deter Raccoons.

     Please do not put your travel bags on the bed. I will be provide a large plastic bag to put them in.

     Please remove shoes/boots at the door & can be stored on the tray by the entrance, front door.

     This is a non-smoking, scent free property, both indoors and out, for everyone's enjoyment.

     The main kitchen access is limited to or for the soul use of washing your fruit and veg, getting and returning dishes, cutlery & dishwasher, garbage, recycling and compost.

     For your food prep your room has microwave, kettle, toaster and fridge.

     The Shared 5 piece Bathroom, a place for your towel & cabinet for you toiletries. Please leave the bathroom tidy and put your things in the space the cabinet, hook on the bathroom door or in your room on the rack provided.

Thank you for your consideration with these matters.  I hope you enjoy your stay.


 You are welcome to enjoy the garden and the front porch swing.


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